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Jessica Beth Small
Missing since October 26, 1997 from Bathurst, New South Wales, Australia
Classification: Endangered Missing

Vital Statistics

Circumstances of Disappearance
Jessica Small was kidnapped at 24.40 on October 26, 1997, after she and friend Vanessa Conlon accepted a ride from Bathurst to nearby Kelso to visit friends.
The pair had been playing the juke box and chatting with friends at the Amuse-Me games parlor in Bathurst when they decided to visit friends in Kelso about 24.40.
A man, driving what police believed to be a white sedan similar to a VK or VL Commodore, offered the girls a lift. About 100m short of their friend's house the man stopped and assaulted both of them. Vanessa broke free and ran to a house to raise the alarm but Jessica was never seen again. new information about the car was received after witnesses were re-interviewed in 2009. The motor vehicle was a light coloured VK Holden Commodore with an orange blanket on the back parcel shelf and a number of holes on the front passenger footwell. The holes have been described as not big enough to put your foot through but big enough to see the road through.
Jessica was the fourth young female hitchhiker to be killed over an eight week period that year.
The case was reopened in October 2007.

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Source Information:
The Daily Telegraph NSW Police Force

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