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Case File 2102DMITA


Fabrice Poirot
Missing since January 6, 1997 from Propriano - Corsica, Italy
Classification: Missing

Vital Statistics

Circumstances of Disappearance
Fabrice Poirot and Alain Coheur was last seen on the wharf of Propriano, in Corsica, by the owner of the boat, as they were to cross from Corsica to the French Riviera.
They were both expert sailors and instructors of the Nautical Center of La Grande Motte. It is suspected something happened to them before they left Propriano. They never checked the meterological conditions, which was highly unusual.
A witness saw a boat of the same model, Rodman 700, on January 7, at Saint Teresa di Gallura, in Sardinia.
Of this type of boat three only, in that period, existed in the single Mediterranean, of which two were found in France. The boat was equipped with three radios, but no SOS was transmitted.
Foul play is possible.

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Chi L'ha Visto

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