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Case File 1579DMSWE

Avallone, circa 1969

Gianni Avallone
Missing since June 27, 1969 from Stockholm, Sweden
Classification: Missing

Vital Statistics

Circumstances of Disappearance
Avallone was last seen in Stockholm, Sweden on June 27, 1969 after a fight with his fiance'. The argument escalated when Avallone's fiance' admitted to having an affair and getting pregnant. She told Gianni that she gave the baby daughter to her sister. The fight resulted in his fiance' being wounded. Fearing he had killed her, Avallone left and hasn't been seen since.
Avallone's parents flew to Stockholm to try to find him, but did not file a missing persons report because they thought that might make things worse, as Gianni was charged with assaulting his fiance. The police still has his case file, but the statute of limitations has run out. He could return to Stockholm without being arrested. Among Gianniís belongings, his family found an old newspaper clipping hidden in the cover of an old agenda. The clipping was from an undated Stockholm article relating the fight he had had with his girlfriend on June 27, 1969. It also mentioned how his girlfriend seemed unconcerned about him, and the arrest warrant for Gianni Avallone issued 2 months after the woman was wounded. His family also found receipts bearing the name Avallone for a moped restored on July 31, 1969.
The wife of a former friend of Gianni Avallone also declared that in May 2004 a man introducing himself as Gianni Avallone had called her house in Stockholm but Gianniís friend was deceased and the woman didnít talk to him long as she didnít speak Swedish.

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