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Gabriela Alunica
Missing since April 16, 1997 from Suvaic, Serbia
Classification: Missing

Vital Statistics

Circumstances of Disappearance
Gabriela Alunica grew up near Bacau, in Romania. She inherited a love of music from her father, and had a passion for music and was a worthy muscian herself.
She attended a prestigious musical high school, and was well regarded for her skill in playing the flute. She dreamed of playing professionally. She had been admitted to University with the highest of votes, and to maintain her studies and be able to purchase a quality instrument, she was working as a maid. She had previously been working at a bar in Suvaic, in Serbia.
A man of Slavic origin suggested that she'd go to Italy with him, illegally, and he would find them a place to stay and find them jobs.
On April 16, 1997, Gabriella called her sister from Požarovac to tell her that she was leaving. Gabriella was so worried about not succeeding that she began to cry. Her sister tried, in vain, to convince Gabriella to cancel her trip. But Gabriella answered that it was too dangerous, and she had to try at a better time.
That phone call is the last time anyone has heard from Gabriela Alunica. Since then, she has been missing without a trace.

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Chi L'Ha Visto

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