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Andujar, circa 1995

Tatiana Andujar
Missing since April 24, 1995 from Perpignan, Pyrénées, France.
Classification: Endangered Missing

Vital Statistics

Circumstances of Disappearance
Tatiana Andujar disappeared in the proximity of Perpignan railway station. She had just taken a train from Toulouse and was planning to hitchhike to her family house located in a nearby small town.
During the following years three other young women disappeared in the area of the Perpignan station, all three were then located murdered. It was at first believed that a serial killer was responsible for the four disappearances, detectives are now considering that the three murders and Tatiana's disappearance are unrelated. The first murder victim's body was mutilated with the precision of a surgeon, the second's grossly mutilated and hidden under branches while the first was in plain sight. The third victim's body had undergone no mutilation and was buried.

Detectives quickly identified a suspect in the third case. Marc Delpech, a local bartender, who was then arrested and indicted in the homicide he confessed to as well as to the rape of the victim before. Mr. Delpech recanted once he learned an autopsy couldn't show any evidence of rape. He didn't confess to any other murder but detectives found several articles concerning the Perpignan railway station disappearances at his residence. They also found the beginning of a novel inspired by the disappearances that Mr. Delpech had started writing in which he was describing in a troubling manner how the main character met Tatiana hitchhiking in front of a bar. Tatiana's mother also discovered an advertisement for an event at Marc Delpech's bar that was planned on the evening she disappeared.

In March 2006, the skull of a person aged between 15 to 20, who died approximately ten years before, was discovered not far from Perpignan. The skull's cap had been cut. The DNA tests were inconclusive as to whether it belonged to Tatiana.

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