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Yvonne Vecchione
Missing since January 25, 1983 from Irpinia, Italy.
Classification: Missing

Vital Statistics

Circumstances of Disappearance
Vecchione had told her mother that she had to meet a lawyer to speak about the divorce she was going through with her husband. After seeing her mother, she went to her sister's house to borrow a dress and then left in her white Fiat 500 at 17:30 and has not been seen since.

A call was made to her work earlier in the day from a man that she believed to be her ex-husband. They decided on meeting at 17.00 on that day.

Her ex-husband declared that she never showed up at the meeting and denied that he was the man that had phoned Vecchione's work. The lawyer said that he never told Vecchione he needed to meet with her.

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