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Rosa Silla
Missing since November 16, 1984 from Rome, Italy.
Classification: Missing

Vital Statistics

Circumstances of Disappearance
Rosa was born in Addis Abeba. Her father was Italian and her mother Ethiopian. In 1973, on account of the war, she came to Italy with her father and three of her brothers and sisters. In 1978, Rosa moved to Rome to live at a Catholic family home. Rosa met a boy, a soldier who was later transferred to Florence. She went to see him one weekend, but when she returned, she was no longer herself. She stopped eating and going out. In July of 1983 she did not even show up for the exam she needed to receive her diploma from the accounting school she was attending. One day, Rosa decided to leave the family home. She had a certain amount of money with her, a few million lire that she had inherited when her father died.

One night the police in the town of Anzio called Rosa's sister to say that they had found Rosa in a state of mental confusion. Rosa was hospitalized for a period with a grave form of anorexia. Slowly, she seemed to get better and she even returned to school, which she had left when she was in her last year.

On November 16, 1984 Rosa went to school, but she left after her first class because there was a strike that day. She had a date with Ermelinda to go shopping, but she did not show up. Rosa was last seen by some of her classmates at a bar in front of the school and then she disappeared.

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