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Public Record Center
Public Record Center is among the most complete and comprehensive site on the internet with access to thousands of free public records to assist you with the information you are seeking right from your computer. Updated frequently and free databases are added regularly which allows you the latest links to public information available on the internet.

Criminal Profiling Agency: The Sexual Homicide Exchange
The profilers of The Sexual Homicide Exchange provide pro bono behavioral profiling and crime scene analysis services to law enforcement for unsolved murders, sexual homicides, or serial predator cases. We also welcome investigators involvement in our CAPTURE program and The Washington DC Sexual Homicide project.

Criminal Profiling Agency: Criminal Profiler Pat Brown
Providing crime scene analysis, behavioral profiling, and life advice to attorneys, producers, businesses and individuals.

Cold Case Team
The Cold Case Assessment Team (CCAT) is an organization of crime solving professionals that meet monthly to collaborate on one of the many unsolved murders in Polk County, FL.

A Resource for Police and Law Enforcement Professionals.

A new social network for Law Enforcement Professionals.

Forensic Art Services
>Wesley Neville is a very talented forensic artist; he creates composites, age-progressed images and sketches of unidentified victims and missing persons. This is a great site to visit if you are interested in the forensic art processes.

www.Forensic Art.org
A website about forensic art by forensic artist Heatherly Kates. She is located in Fort Worth, Texas.

Florence County, South Carolina Sheriff's Office
Another site designed by Wesley Neville, the FCSO features a good listing of additional missing persons' agencies, as well as other items of interest.

Cold Case Cowboys
Douglas County OR's Cold Case Cowboys. Retired Police Officers who make up a Volunteer Cold Case Squad investigating old homicides.

Mountain Home Police Department

Chico, California Police Department

Sanger, California Police Department

Maryland State Police

San Josť State University, California Police Department

Polk County Sheriff's Office

West Palm Beach Police

Police Online, France

Needy Kids
A site about child slavery and the exploitation of children.

Maryland Missing
Missing and unidentified cases in Maryland.

Have You Seen Matt Mullaney?

Federal Bureau of Investigation
The FBI's official site is full of information on archived cases (both solved and unsolved), as well as current features such as the "Most Wanted" criminal list; missing persons; and unidentified victims.

America's Most Wanted
The official site of the crime-fighting US television show. It is hosted and was developed in part by John Walsh.

Fugitive Hunter's Top 100 Fugitives
Photos and descriptions of fugitives and missing children are listed on this web site which is maintained as a public service.

Connecticut's Unsolved Mysteries

Register of Unsolved Murder Cases
Extensive registry of web pages devoted to unsolved murders: old, new and various cases.

Crime Spider
Law enforcement and criminal justice Web guide; it also features links to cold cases and unsolved crimes' sites.

This Web site is centered around active and retired law enforcement officers, but there is plenty of free information for those interested in criminal news and investigation. There is a restricted area for police officers as well.

Social Security Death Index
An especially handy tool for those searching for US citizens who were issued Social Security cards and believed to be deceased. It is a free service.

Sex Offender Database

National Victim Center

Verizon Hopeline

The Tent Girl Mystery
The case of an unidentified young woman who was found deceased in Kentucky in 1968 was one of the most mysterious and baffling cases in recent years. The identity of the once-unknown woman has since been solved; she was Barbara Hackmann Taylor. The case was extremely interesting and was actually solved via the Internet.
The following sites are related to this story. Some sites are maintained by members of Hackmann Taylor's family; others are news-related Web sites which provide coverage of the Tent Girl mystery.

Anomalies: The Tent Girl Story
Was the Tent Girl, Ms. Barbara A. Hackman - Taylor Murdered?

Vickie Bertram: 23 Years Later, Her Death Remains A Mystery
Vickie Bertram: 23 Years Later and Still A Mystery
Todd Matthews is the Webmaster of this site, which is devoted to the unsolved death of Vickie Robin Bertram, a teenager from Tennessee.

Have You Seen Andy?
A documentary about the disappearance of Andy Puglisi in August, 1976

The Missing Women in Vancouver
Over forty women are missing from the streets of Vancouver. This site is dedicated to them.

999 Officer Down

CrimeNet is the world's first site to provide a combined information service on criminal records, stolen property, missing persons, wanted persons, con artists and unsolved crimes.

Vanished Voices
Angela Rebecca Jardine vanished from Vancouver, British Columbia Canada November 20, 1998.
This site is a tribute to all of the many missing women that have disappeared from the downtown eastside of Vancouver B.C.

The Center for HOPE
Dedicated to families and others left behind when a loved one goes missing.


Help Christopher

Canadian Resource Centre for Victims of Crime

Association of Liberation Children
Renders assistance to the decendants of soldiers from the Second World War in the search for their fathers and/or relatives.

The Good Knighthood
A national crime & violence prevention coalition dedicated to empowering the next generation.

Shawn Hornbeck - Missing

Rachel Cook - Missing

Justice for Jennifer
Site with informational site regarding the unsolved murder of Jennifer Olson Servo.


Joanna J. Hughes | Forensic Artist
Joanna J. Hughes has worked with several police departments, and she continues her work with the UT Anthropology department as both a forensic artist and guest lecturer.

The Criminal Report Daily
A dynamic, up-to-the minute blog written by expert crime writer David Lohr.

web beacon family directory

Research Public Records
Your Online Resource for Public Records.

Law Enforcement
Law Enforcement on Elsevier's LawOfficer.com

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