For Immediate Release
The Doe Network
December 20, 2001
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Match Confirmed Between Unidentified Texas Accident Victim and Michigan Man

Members of The Doe Network succeeded in matching an unidentified man killed in an accident in Texas in 1992 to a missing man from Michigan. The victim was identified as Flint, Michigan's Kelly Stevens Zaezlcal.

Robert Lingoes, a civilian dispatcher with the Quincy, Massachusetts Police Department and The Doe Network's Law Enforcement Liaison, was working on an offline NCIC project in August 2001. Lingoes performed a search for an unidentified victim listed on the Texas Department Of Public Safety's Web site, The victim was also featured on The Doe Network as case file 149UMTX.
The unidentified man was killed in a train collision on September 12, 1992 in Victoria, Texas. Authorities believed his name may have been "Kelly." Lingoes' initial NCIC offline search produced no results, but he checked the NCIC number listed in the Texas DPS' file. Lingoes then learned that "Kelly" may have used the last name "Zaezlcal."

Lingoes solicited the assistance of Vicki Siedow, a private investigator in California who is also a volunteer with The Doe Network. Siedow and Lingoes utilized several investigative resources together and discovered a man from Flint, Michigan named Kelly Zaezlcal had disappeared from Flint, Michigan prior to September 12, 1992, the date the unidentified victim had been struck by a train in Texas. Zaezlcal's description matched the characteristics of the victim and Lingoes informed the Texas DPS of The Doe Network's discovery.

Lingoes learned that the victim was identified as Zaezlcal in September 2001. Zaezlcal apparently led a transient lifestyle at the time of his death and did not have consistent contact with his family. A missing person's report was never filed for Zaezlcal.

The Doe Network's site features information regarding Zaezlcal's case:

The Doe Network's Law Enforcement Liaison Robert Lingoes contributed to this release.