For Immediate Release
The Doe Network
March 1, 2002
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Skeleton Doesn't Match Missing Italian Man

A comparison of dental records has ruled out the possibility that skeletal remains found 11 years ago in Qunicy, MA are that of a missing Italian Man.
Robert Lingoes, a member of the Doe Network and civilian employee of the Quincy police department, had spent years trying to identify the unidentified murder victim. It was when the Doe Network's website featured Josef Unterhuber, he thought he had found his match. Unterhuber, a 32 year old man missing from Italy, matched the description of the unidentified man completely.
In addition to matching in age, height, weight, and physical appearance, both Unterhuber and the victim had old collarbone fractures that had healed. This was confirmed by Unterhuber's brother, living in Italy. Also, in 1989, Josef Unterhuber's passport was found on a bench in Boston's South End.
Unterhuber's family was contacted about the possible match, and a DNA analysis was attempted. Unfortunately, the skeleton was too old, and they were unable to obtain a good sample from the remains. Instead, authorities compared dental records and a picture of Unterhuber smiling with a photo of the skull. This led to the conclusion that the skeleton was in fact not that of the missing Unterhuber.
Both the identity of the skeleton, and the whereabouts of Josef Unterhuber remain a mystery.


Press release by Dana Gonzalez.

The Doe Network's Law Enforcement Liaison Robert Lingoes contributed to this release.