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The Doe Network
December 19, 2001
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Match Confirmed Between Unidentified Texas Accident Victim and Missing Kentucky Woman

The identity of an unidentified female accident victim in Waco, Texas was confirmed as that of missing Kentucky woman Angela Marie Parks in the early summer of 2001. The identification was assisted by members of The Doe Network.

The Doe Network's Webmaster, Helene Wahlstrom, selected the formerly unidentified woman's file from the publicly-accessible files of the Texas Department Of Public Safety's Web site, located at Wahlstrom was involved in a National Crime Information Center (NCIC) project with Quincy, Massachusetts Police Department civilian dispatcher Robert Lingoes, another member of The Doe Network volunteer group, in May 2001. Lingoes, who is the organization's Law Enforcement Liaison, submitted the unidentified victim's data to NCIC Director Monti McKee and discovered a match between the unidentified victim and Parks' missing person's report. Parks' file stated that she had distinctive tattoos which matched the tattoos found on the victim's body. A fingerprint match shortly thereafter confirmed that Parks was indeed the unidentified victim, validating Wahlstrom and Lingoes' work.

Parks had not contacted her family since 1992 and led a transient lifestyle at the time of her death. Her relatives stated that it was normal for Parks to vanish for extended periods of time and contacted authorities when Parks' two children became worried as to their mother's plight.

Parks suffered a severe head injury after being hit by a train on railroad tracks off of Farm-To-Market Road 308 in Waco, Texas on July 28, 1993. She remained in a coma for several days before dying in a hospital at 23 years of age. Parks' remains were interred in an indigent cemetery in McLennan County, Texas. Her family has stated that they plan to exhume her remains and return her body to Bowling Green, Kentucky in the near future. The Waco County Commission agreed to pay for her initial 1993 burial costs.

You can find a listing of all resolved cases featured on The Doe Network at the following URL: Parks' case is profiled in the compilation.


The Doe Network's Law Enforcement Liaison Robert Lingoes, reporter Mike Anderson of The Waco Tribune-Herald and Penny Dyck of The Mountainview Weekly contributed to this release.