For Immediate Release
The Doe Network
September, 2003
[email protected]

Identification Made for Unidentified male Victim Discovered in New York

The Doe Network is pleased to inform all media that we have provided the needed information to solve a John Doe mystery in New York City.

Kylen Johnson, Maryland Area Director for The Doe Network, came across a profile of a missing person named Christophe Faniard on the Missing Person Cold Case Network, which resembled a John Doe case profile on the Doe Network, and submitted a potential match between the unidentified person and the missing person to the Doe Network volunteer group. Tracie Fleischhut Assistant Area Director for New York, passed this information on to New York City police for further investigation. A positive match was confirmed by the NYPD on 9/16/03.

The Doe Network is a volunteer organization that assists Law Enforcement in locating missing persons and identifying unidentified human remains. The Doe Network has been successful in solving 11 cases so far and has assisted in at least 4 other cases being solved since the group of volunteers was formed in 2001. Their web site details more than 720 unidentified victims and 2220 unexplained disappearances from North America, Europe and Australia.

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