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Unidentified White Male

Vital Statistics

  • Estimated age: 30-45 years old
  • Approximate Height and Weight: 5'5"-6'1" ( 66.3"-72.7" est,.)
  • Clothing: Shorts with elastic waistband; socks and white/blue/orange Nike sneakers, size 9.5.
  • Skeletal Findings: Healed nasal fractures, with some evidence of possible infection of the fractures along the left eye and side of the nose. Two healing fractures present on the left 10th rib. Orthopedic plate with 5 holes and 4 cross head screws (middle hole empty) Alon.
  • Fingerprints: Not available
  • Dentals: Some missing teeth; orthopedic plate on lower jaw. 1, 16, 17, 32 may have been congenitally absent. Pronounced spaces/diastemas between #20-21 and #28-29. Buccal surfaces of #20 and 29 are rotated mesially. Enamel defect on buccal surface of #18.
  • DNA: Available - University of North Texas.

Case History
The victim was located at San Pablo Road and Beach Boulevard, in Jacksonville, FL.
He was in wooded area near an area where transients camp. String/rope tied around both ankles; similar string tied around trunk of nearby tree.

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C.A. Pound Human Identification Lab
Anthony Falsetti
Agency District 4 Medical Examiner's Office
M. Moore
Arlene Murnak, Path Assist

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ME #98-0997

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