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Unidentified White/Hispanic Female

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Case History

The body was found in a Wooded area at 14420 N.W. 107th Avenue, Miami, Florida on April 19, 2002.
The individual who discovered the body was getting a truck serviced and while waiting, walked across the street to use the restroom. He observed a white plastic box that had flies swarming around it and then noticed a foul odor coming from inside.

The box was opened and he observed the lower body of the deceased. A second box was also found. The boxes were labeled "property of Walgreens Co." Further investigation revealed that her body was cut in half and the only remains that were found was the upper and lower torso.

The outsides of the boxes were streaked with oil. And the inside of one was caked with oil and grease, as if someone used it to store used auto parts; the killer could work at an auto shop.
The letters "RAYE" was handwritten on a piece of tape stuck to one of the crates.

No missing-person reports match her description. That, along with her clothing, makes authorities believe she could have been a recent Hispanic immigrant.

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Miami-Dade Crimestoppers