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Unidentified White/Hispanic Female

Vital Statistics

Case History
The victim was located on the east side of Iowa Lane in Manvel, Brazoria County, Texas, by a prison work crew doing roadside work. Part of the Manvel victim’s remains apparently were found by a city work crew but misidentified as animal bones before the prison work crew discovery.

Victim was shot in the head and wrapped in a white blanket/mattress cover, tied in a large knot.

Investigators cannot completely determine her race, but they do not believe that she was African American. Some hair was found with her bones, so investigators believe that she had brown to black colored hair.
Completely fragmented/shattered skeletal remains with massive head trauma. Pieces of the skull were missing, so exact descriptions of her face are difficult.

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Texas Department of Public Safety

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Agency Case Number:
9376247; PA93-084

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Source Information:
Texas Department of Public Safety