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Gina Renee Hall
Missing since June 28, 1980 from Radford, Radford City County, Virginia
Classification: Involuntary

Vital Statistics

Circumstances of Disappearance
Gina Hall was last seen in June of 1980. The Radford College freshman had gone out dancing with a group of friends. One of the members of the group, Stephen Epperly, talked her into going to a party at Claytor Lake. When they got to the cabin on the lake, they were alone. Gina was never seen again.

Epperly told police when he was interviewed for the first time that he had driven Gina from the nightclub to the lake house. He said he heard her call her sister to tell her that she would be home in the morning. He said they went to the dock and that he went swimming but that Gina did not. According to him, they left the house and Gina dropped him off in Radford. He went to bed and never saw her again.

Police later found enough blood and hair samples to suggest that Hall did not survive an assault.
Gina's sister's car was found at the Pulaski County end of the railroad trestle over the New River. Searchers looking for Gina discovered a blue bloodstained towel near where the Chevrolet had been found. It contained fibers consistent with those found in the carpet at the lake house. Nearby, a policeman found one of Gina's shoes at the opposite end of the trestle from where the car and the towel were found. Two weeks later, other searchers found all of the clothes Gina had worn the night she vanished. The clothes were tied in a bundle and were bloodstained.

Epperly was indicted and tried for first degree murder. Gina's body was never recovered, which required the state to prove both that she was dead and that her death had resulted from a criminal act on the part of Epperly. Epperly is still serving a life sentence for murder, though he maintains his innocence. Gina Hall's remains have never been found.

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