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189UFSC - Unidentified Female

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Reconstructions of the victim (mole locations approximate); victim's jewelry and dental charting. To view post-mortem of the victim, click here.

Date of Discovery: August 9, 1976
Location of Discovery: Sumter County, South Carolina
Estimated Date of Death: Less than 24 hours
State of Remains: Recognizable face
Cause of Death: Homicide by gunshot

Physical Description

Estimated Age: 18-25 years old
Race: White
Gender: Female
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 100 to 105 lbs.
Hair Color: Brown, medium length
Eye Color: Blue-gray, blue-green or hazel
Distinguishing Marks/Features: She had two small hair moles on her left cheek and another on the right side of her face. Mole behind right leg (calf). Pierced ears, no surgical scars. She was attractive and had very long eyelashes. Although both the woman and man were white, investigators described their skin as smooth, with olive undertones. The girl had unshaven legs.


Dentals: Available. No elaborate dental work. Missing upper and lower wisdom teeth on right. Has upper and lower wisdom teeth on left. Has fillings in all back teeth. If she were to smile, her teeth in the front would give an even appearance.
Fingerprints: Available
DNA: Sample submitted - Tests complete

Clothing & Personal Items

Clothing: She was wearing cutoff blue jeans, a pink halter top that tied in the front and an unbleached muslin blouse. She was also wearing a pair of Stride Rite, wedge heeled sandals with lavender, pink and purple straps.

Jewelry: Three Silver rings that resembled American Indian or Mexican handmade jewelry. One piece was a faceted band with red, white and blue stones. Another ring had a oblong black stone. The third was a large, intricate feather scroll band with a jade insert into the curves of the scroll.

Additional Personal Items: Unknown.

Circumstances of Discovery

In 1976 this female and her companion were found dead on a secluded Sumter County, South Carolina dirt road between Interstate 95 and SC 341. They were located by a truck driver who pulled off to rest at what was commonly known as Locklair Road, a frontage road just off the interstate. Neither had any identification. They had both been shot in the throat, chest and back.

On August 9, 1976, a man living in the sticks between Sumter and Florence heard a car scuttling down a narrow frontage road connecting Interstate 95 to S.C. 341. Someone climbed out. Gunshots echoed in the early morning, then the car raced back onto the highway.

They had no money on them, but there were several clues that led investigators to believe that the couple might have been well-to-do or perhaps even from another country.

Investigators wondered if they had been hitchhiking cross country, or if they had been victims of a carjacking.

They were a clean-cut looking pair. Authorities speculated they might even be brother and sister. DNA testing, however, later proved they were not related.

No drugs or alcohol were found on their bodies. They were not smokers. And neither had on underwear.

Investigators had checked out every lead, including trying to identify them through their fingerprints and using the serial number on the man's watch in hopes of trying to track down the jewelry store where he might have bought the piece of jewelry. Officials with Interpol as well as U.S. Customs investigators and immigration authorities also had been alerted. Contact were made with agencies in Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, and in the Mediterranean.

The autopsy revealed the pair had eaten fruit or ice cream with fruit not long before they died so investigators were certain the two must have bought the food from a local eatery or store. Someone remembered seeing a couple matching the dead couple's descriptions at a fruit stand that was located off the Florence Highway, but the person couldn't say whether the man and woman were with someone else or if they were riding in a car.

Months after the homicide, an employee of KOA campgrounds near Santee, S.C., called authorities, believing he had earlier made friends with the dead man, who went by the name “Jock,” according to documents in the case file.

Jock, or more likely, Jacques, stayed a few days at the campgrounds with his young female companion, then left for Florida. He and his girlfriend stopped at the campgrounds again on their way back.

The two men became friends. While shooting pool, Jacques told the KOA worker he was the son of a prominent doctor in Canada who had disowned him for giving up on his own career in medicine. He was taking a vacation of sorts, traveling the country aimlessly.

Before leaving, he tried to pawn an expensive ring to the employee, who later told authorities that the ring had looked a lot like the one found on the mystery man.

Inside his pocket was a book of Grants Truck Stop matches, which could only be found in Idaho, New Mexico and Nebraska. Authorities think Jacques passed through these places on his travels.

There are speculations that this female is an exchange student from the Middle East.

Investigating Agency(s)

Agency Name: Sumter County Sheriff's Office
Agency Contact Person: Randy McQueen
Agency Phone Number: 803-436-2790
Agency Case Number: 76672-A Sumter SO

Agency Name: Sumter County Coroner's Office
Agency Contact Person: Verna Moore
Agency Phone Number: 803-436-2111

NCIC Case Number: U820001602
NamUs Case Number: 13773

Information Source(s)

Harvey Pratt South Carolina Snitch
Sumter County Sheriff's Office
WLTX 19 (6/12/07)

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