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Ralph Stutzman
Missing since August 17, 1952 from LaGrange, LaGrange County, Indiana
Classification: Missing

Vital Statistics

Circumstances of Disappearance
Ralph Stutzman, a local farmer, vanished without a trace on August 17, 1952 from LaGrange, IN.

Ralph Stutzman was a hard working farmer and a family man. He and his wife raised 13 children on their farm southeast of LaGrange.
August 17th, 1952 started like any other day; work first, and a promise of playtime later. His children did their chores, then went back to the house. Stutzman told them he'd be home in 20 minutes, after he'd chased the cows to the field. He never showed up.

Family members say there is no evidence that Ralph planned to leave that day. He hadn't packed a bag and he hadn't settled any affairs in town.
There is a theory that someone settled the score with Ralph Stutzman after a Saturday night of poker at the Post Time Club
The night before his disappearance, Stutzman played cards with friends well into the night.

He never contacted his family, never told a friend of any plans to run, and has not been sighted since August 17th, 1952. According to police it hasn't been excluded that he left voluntarily.

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