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Case File 1578UMFL


Reconstruction of Victim by Samantha Steinberg

Unidentified White Male

Vital Statistics

  • Estimated age: 50-65 years old
  • Approximate Height and Weight: 5'5"; 95 lbs.
  • Distinguishing Characteristics: Gray blading hair; brown eyes. Gray beard and mustache. Mole on the right cheek, scar on the left forearm, multiple scars on both knees.
  • Tattoos: A tattoo of a heart with a dagger on the right posterior forearm.
  • Medical: Multiple granulomata in the liver, scattered granulomata in the spleen, moderate pulmonary emphysema, moderate cerebral atrophy with gyral narrowing, sulcal widening and hydrocephalus ex vacuo.
  • Clothing: Brown pants with tattered lower cuffs and the label "equipe" inside.
  • Dentals: Available. Only NO 15 exists but badly decayed tooth.
  • Fingerprints: Available

Case History
A witness saw the deceased jump into the river behind 243 NW South River Drive, Miami, Florida.
According to witnesses he appeared intoxicated at the time he jumped in.

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Miami-Dade Medical Examiner

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Source Information:
Miami-Dade Medical Examiner

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