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Case File 147UMITA

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Unidentified White Male

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Case History
The victim was discovered 6 miles away from Capraia Island, Livorno on July 19, 1998. The corpse was discovered following a message sent by a French yacht which was sailing along the Tuscan coast. A few days after the discovery of the body, a key attached to a floating keyring was found in the same stretch of sea. The label on the keyring led to a Sailing Club near Losanna in Switzerland; some sailor from the Club had been sailing a race on the same days in the same stretch of sea, but all the sailors came back from the race and nobody was missing.

During a broadcast on January 19, 1999, a woman called "Chi l'ha visto?" saying that the name of the man found at sea was "Sèrge Margheron", a Swiss citizen from Losanna, her friend Caterina's husband who had disappeared from Elba island during the last Summer, but the lead did not pan out. Further investigations on the name that is engraved on the ring revealed that about 20 brides named Caterina got married on October 24-1992 in 5000 Italian Townhalls. None of the married men disappeared.

The victim's ring was on his right hand and it has been made in Italy, but it is exported all over the world. The number 7085 printed inside his shoe could refer to the making lot and to the place where the shoes had been sold. Inquiries on the ring led to nothing, there was no match on the serial number and it is said to be the favorite model of expert sailors. The data provided by the Livorno harbour office and E.N.E.A in La Spezia have established that since the weak sea streams were running west-south west,that accident might have occurred in Corsica.

Left to Right, top: Victim's ring, watch, socks and shoe. Bottom: The bottom of one of his shoes.

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Chi Lha Visto

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